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Ken Wagner: “joy” in the classroom?

It’s been seven months since Rhode Island said farewell to Deb Gist, who has gone on to an exciting career in entertainment. She was replaced by Ken Wagner, who strikes me as a non-entity. Advertisements

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A Brief History

Prefatory Note: the following was written over the summer and intended as part of a larger document for discussion among CDPE members. That document did not come to fruition, but I felt that it may be of use none the … Continue reading

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The Attack on Seniority: Cruella Strikes Again

The Providence Journal reports today that Rhode Island Education Commissioner Deb Gist is back at it, announcing a major attack on teachers’ seniority rights.  She declares that any district that uses seniority in placements, layoffs and promotions will face retribution … Continue reading

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The Meaning of the North Kingstown School Strike

It’s an understatement to say that the pressure is building.  But it’s hard to avoid the metaphor when you see the bursts of steam.  You can still hear the lid rattling, and you know it’s going to erupt.  The only … Continue reading

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Night of the People in Blue Shirts

The Wednesday evening RIDE hearing on the Achievement First Mayoral Academy application was frankly a bit boring, and really contained no surprises.  But it was useful as a means of sizing up the balance of forces in the fight over … Continue reading

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School Desegregation: Lessons of the Boston Experience and General Results

NOTE: The following is a research paper I submitted for a class on Issues in American Education in 1999.  Despite the age of the document, I think most of the points and the conclusion have stood the test of time.  … Continue reading

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Arne Duncan in Providence on November 2

Alternate Title: The Rhode Island Education Chainsaw Massacre. Alternate Title #2: PROTEST DUNCAN. Alternate Title #3: OCCUPY ARNE. So, the principal’s secretary at my school forwarded the following, with a note expressing great pleasure that a student from our school … Continue reading

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