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Lessons of 2017

Isolation is bad. Advertisements

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Ken Wagner: “joy” in the classroom?

It’s been seven months since Rhode Island said farewell to Deb Gist, who has gone on to an exciting career in entertainment. She was replaced by Ken Wagner, who strikes me as a non-entity.

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The Union’s Election Day Dilemma

I had meant to write something about the election before now. But with these candidates, what is there to write? They are all corporate tools. A vote for any of them, even the “less worse”, is nothing more than a … Continue reading

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A Brief History

Prefatory Note: the following was written over the summer and intended as part of a larger document for discussion among CDPE members. That document did not come to fruition, but I felt that it may be of use none the … Continue reading

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The struggle to Dump Gist: the Balance Sheet

Despite our best efforts, the Rhode Island Board of Education voted 7-3 in favor of renewing Commissioner Deborah Gist’s contract on Thursday, June 6.  The two-year contract provides for a two-percent raise in each of the two years—a slap in … Continue reading

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The Attack on Seniority: Cruella Strikes Again

The Providence Journal reports today that Rhode Island Education Commissioner Deb Gist is back at it, announcing a major attack on teachers’ seniority rights.  She declares that any district that uses seniority in placements, layoffs and promotions will face retribution … Continue reading

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Who will be the lesser evil in 2012?

Like a recurring nightmare, election season is upon us again.  And once again, we are told that we must tremble in fear of what might happen in the event of a victory by the Greater Evil.  Yes, we know, we’re … Continue reading

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