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I'm a foreign language teacher and socialist in Rhode Island.

Endorse No One

This past week, my union, the National Education Association of Rhode Island, endorsed Gina Raimondo for governor. I cannot think of a more stupid decision my union could make.

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Fighting the nazis

Yesterday the nazis rallied at the Statehouse, and we—the antifascists—came out to oppose them.

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Lessons of 2017

Isolation is bad.

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Teaching Diary, 25 November 2016

0. Confession: I should be using this vacation time to adequately prepare for my classes over the coming month. I am constantly in a state of panic, flying by the seat of my pants, a sort of educational just-in-time production … Continue reading

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Ken Wagner: “joy” in the classroom?

It’s been seven months since Rhode Island said farewell to Deb Gist, who has gone on to an exciting career in entertainment. She was replaced by Ken Wagner, who strikes me as a non-entity.

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My new year’s resolution: to write more than one post in 2016.

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Why I’m Running

Below is the campaign statement I submitted for the BWEA Election, which takes place this Friday. I’m running for VP of the local, and here’s why. ——–

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