I am a foreign language teacher and a socialist in Rhode Island.

3 Responses to About

  1. lucyshoop says:

    Hi RIredteacher,

    I am very interested in using your article as part of my campaign to reverse the decision to eliminate the FLES program I teach from 1st-3rd grades and reduce the program in 4th and 5th to once a week. Can you please send me your information, so that I can site my source properly? In exchange, I will be sure to send you the link to the Wiki I am creating with a group of teachers, which will allow you access to the paper we are writing, the podcasts we will create, and other materials that will support our cause. My email address is lshoop@masonlive.gmu.edu. Thank you! (Any advice you might have to share would also be greatly appreciated!)

  2. ClareK says:

    Miss Schoop,
    I applaud your work to keep the program as I am a high school senior writing a research paper on the need for foreign language classes in elementary schools. Good luck!

  3. Ron P says:


    You wanted to know who wrote a recent article. I can help you with that.

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