Questions from Year 1 of the Revolutionary Blog

It’s been exactly a year since I started this blog.  In that time, I’ve gotten almost 7,000 page views, many of them from internet searches for “achievement first” or “central falls” or “letter of apology to teacher”.  But there have also been a number of questions in those searches, and so I thought I might take this time to answer those questions directly, if not with a straight face.  NOTE: I will probably update this post with appropriate links some time soon,  perhaps even the next time grades are due.

What does the acronym ptu in a school setting stand for?

So far as I can tell, nothing that dramatically improves the overall attack on the teaching profession and on teachers’ wages, working conditions, and professional rights.  At least not at this point in time, unfortunately.

Is there a rally at Cranston city hall august 24 2011?

Yes.  Hell yes.  Big enough to stop Achievement First the first time.  Impressive.

Do all Cranston public schools have power?

Yes.  It’s just not yet well-enough organized to completely defeat Achievement First yet.  Or, it’s getting funneled the wrong way into stupidity about defending some religious banner and harassing the brave student that pointed out the hypocrisy of the thing.

Why are some people against achievement first schools?

Perhaps you should be asking: why are some people for achievement first schools?  Or better yet, who is for achievement first schools who’s not getting some sort of kick back for doing so?

Why should i not support verizon?

Because it’s a big company that makes lots of profit but still wants to screw its workers even more.  They are the 1%!

Communist rhode island matthew jerzyk

That’s just funny.  It’s true he was a member of the Young Communist League back in the day.  Now he’s just the mayor’s evil vizier.

What are some current policy trends affecting English language learners and what effects do they have on their teachers?

Look, if you want to speak English, go back to England!  Or, just wait until your school gets closed, your two-way bilingual program destroyed, and all of it replaced by a charter school with a racist, reactionary program for forcing English down the throats of ELL students in the dumbest and least effective way possible.

RI fair funding formula fair?


Why a school committee?

Well, in theory, it allows for community input.  That is, if it’s elected…and then, perhaps.  My question is: why not replace the system of electing local people to carry out the job of cutting the budget, with a system where teachers, parents and students jointly and democratically control the schools, with the government simply charged with the task of funding it all more than adequately?

How many members are usually stated in the school committee?

It depends.  In Providence: however many the mayor wants on it.

Do you have to be elected onto a committee?

No, being a boot-licking lackey is good enough in Providence.

What does the ethics says about the educators who do not want the new principal to carrying out his duties?

I don’t know about ethics.  But if the principal takes his or her new duties to mean screwing over the teachers, then count me among those educators.

Middle school endorsement ending in ri?

Sure, why not.  They’ve ended every other part of the old system of teacher certification and replaced it with something far more punitive and expensive.

Did the hospital of Rhode Island paid taxes?

Ha ha!

Why workers are triking?

Because the cost of gas is too damn high.

Who has better chicken—Aramark or Chartwell’s?

Dude, you’re asking an anti-capitalist vegetarian.

Is Rhode Island a racist state?

Yes.  Hell yes.

Are you procrastinating?

Um…let me get back to you on that one…


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I'm a foreign language teacher and socialist in Rhode Island.
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