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Arne Duncan in Providence on November 2

Alternate Title: The Rhode Island Education Chainsaw Massacre. Alternate Title #2: PROTEST DUNCAN. Alternate Title #3: OCCUPY ARNE. So, the principal’s secretary at my school forwarded the following, with a note expressing great pleasure that a student from our school … Continue reading

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Teachers and the Economic Crisis

Call me cynical.  But when I first met with my student teacher, we had The Talk.  Are you sure you want to go for certification to teach French and Italian?  Have you thought about certification in Spanish?  Or perhaps a … Continue reading

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Teachers and the Occupy Movement

In the school of class struggle, the educators must first be educated.  The Occupy Everywhere Movement represents a major professional development opportunity for those teachers feeling bogged down by the grind of corporate education reform.  In general, there is a … Continue reading

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Foreign Language Education at the Elementary School Level

I wrote the following seven years ago, as the culminating paper of my master’s degree work.  I publish it here and now for two reasons: 1) because I feel guilty for not publishing anything for a month; 2) so that … Continue reading

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