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The View of Achievement First from New Haven

I received this description of Achievement First from a friend who teaches in the public schools in New Haven, CT.  She granted me permission to publish this snippet, anonymously: AF (achievement first) has planned on expanding to RI for at … Continue reading

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Invasion of the (student) body snatchers

Cranston Mayor Alan Fung has announced a plan to open five charter schools in his city, to be run by a “non-profit” charter management organization.  The phrase “non-profit” has been utterly abused in our nation, to the point where it … Continue reading

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Why we need an elected school committee in Providence

How can we stop a treasonous elected mayor and his appointed lackeys from attacking teachers and closing schools?  How can we impose the will of the people on the bureaucrats, in stead of the other way around?  These questions arose … Continue reading

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How Taveras Went Off the Deep End with the “Rs in Pool”

The following piece was written by my friend and comrade Shaun Joseph, who first figured out and formulated the best explanation of the “R’s in pool” system, after an email exchange we had about it.  He did the legwork, and … Continue reading

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Open Letter of Apology to Diane Ravitch

Dear Dr. Ravitch: First, I want to thank you for coming to speak in Rhode Island on May 3rd.  I was in attendance at your speech at Rhode Island College, and I can say on behalf of the numerous teachers … Continue reading

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The Arti-Fiscal Crisis in Providence

Sunday’s Providence Journal provided us with some fantastic information about the non-profits and what their status means to the city’s lack of funds.  The article that accompanied the figures was not particularly informative, though it bears some comment.  More important … Continue reading

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What do the corporate reformers really want?

This was the question asked by two people in the short Q&A period at the Diane Ravitch event at Rhode Island College last week.  What is the real agenda of the corporate reformers of public education?  What are they actually … Continue reading

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