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Interview with Central Falls teacher JoAnn Boss


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Rally for Central Falls Teachers, February 2010

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In Defense of our Schools: A Voice from Central Falls

This is an interview I did with Central Falls High School teacher JoAnn Boss, published last year at  The whole interview is available here. ***** WHAT WAS the response of students and teachers at CFHS to the election of … Continue reading

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Whose Schools? Well, apparently not ours.

Sometimes it’s really hard to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. This post is dedicated to an analysis of just exactly what happened Thursday night, and what it means for the future.  Briefly, before beginning, I will address in … Continue reading

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Whose schools? Our schools!

PRE-SCRIPT: While  Providence Schools have been in the national news for the firing of all teachers, local activists—including teachers—have been involved in a struggle to stop the closing of several Providence schools.  But don’t change the channel—the firings will be … Continue reading

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Act 3: Providence

And the final installment, for now, on the attack on Rhode Island’s teachers.  The original is available on line at **** CITY OFFICIALS in Providence, R.I., have announced the mass firing of all 1,926 teachers in Providence schools, effective … Continue reading

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Act 2: Central Falls

After the EP teachers had harsh conditions imposed on them by the cousin of the then-governor and his lackeys, it was the turn of Central Falls teachers.  Here’s what I wrote about it last year.  The original article is available … Continue reading

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