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I'm a foreign language teacher and socialist in Rhode Island.

A Note on Foundational Assumptions

There is no going back. We are forty years into that phase of capitalism that those in economic and radical circles know as “neoliberalism”.  Margaret Thatcher famously defined it as “There Is No Alternative”.  No alternative, that is, to the … Continue reading

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The Meaning of No

With just six days left, I sent in my ballot.  On that basis alone, the informed reader will know how I voted. This past Valentine’s Day, the parties to litigation over the ironically-named Rhode Island Retirement Security Act (RIRSA) announced … Continue reading

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A Glimpse of Solidarity

This weekend’s March on Washington was a fantastic and exhilarating event.  Honestly, I did not get to hear any of the speeches.  They might have been pretty horrible—I imagine Eric Holder had nothing useful to say—and it will make a … Continue reading

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The struggle to Dump Gist: the Balance Sheet

Despite our best efforts, the Rhode Island Board of Education voted 7-3 in favor of renewing Commissioner Deborah Gist’s contract on Thursday, June 6.  The two-year contract provides for a two-percent raise in each of the two years—a slap in … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Chafee and Mancuso: Dump Gist!

The Honorable Lincoln Chafee Governor, State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations 82 Smith Street Providence, RI  02903   Members of the Rhode Island Board of Education c/o Eva Mancuso, Chair 80 Washington Street Providence, RI 02903 Dear Linc and … Continue reading

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Winter Storm Duncan misses Providence

US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan was scheduled to visit Providence today and tomorrow.  His original plan was to visit for a breakfast celebrating the schools operated by United Providence, which I describe below.  Someone must have tipped him off … Continue reading

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The Attack on Seniority: Cruella Strikes Again

The Providence Journal reports today that Rhode Island Education Commissioner Deb Gist is back at it, announcing a major attack on teachers’ seniority rights.  She declares that any district that uses seniority in placements, layoffs and promotions will face retribution … Continue reading

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The Future of Our Schools: Some Reflections

I was very excited to receive Lois Weiner’s new book, The Future of Our Schools: Teachers Unions and Social Justice, in the mail.  Here’s my review of it for Socialist Worker.  Read my review, then read the book.  Then, get … Continue reading

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After the Storm

Mary and I had planned the trip to New York City months in advance, but we had not planned to go to a storm-devastated city in the throes of neoliberal social decay.  The first signs of anything out of the … Continue reading

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Who will be the lesser evil in 2012?

Like a recurring nightmare, election season is upon us again.  And once again, we are told that we must tremble in fear of what might happen in the event of a victory by the Greater Evil.  Yes, we know, we’re … Continue reading

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